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Troubleshoot system slow performance

Lim Lay Choo
Occasional Contributor

Troubleshoot system slow performance

Given a HP937 machine with 4GB HDD,192RAM memory, available storage space of 25% and 40 user license.

Why it is that when during peak time, when all the 40 users are logon to system, the system performance is very slow. From the MPE/iX prompt, if you do a LISTF command you can see the list appearing one character by one character.

How to check what maybe the cause?

Mike Hornsby
Respected Contributor

Re: Troubleshoot system slow performance

do a:
showq ;active
Then do a showproc on each of the pin#s under the running heading.

From what you described I would look at the tuning of the CQ. The default min quantium of 1 can cause thrashing. I like to set it to 200:
tune cq=152,200,200,2000

The other type of problem that can cause the reaults you are seeing are network related. do a linkcontrol @;status=all
look for trans or recv errors.
alberto vasquez
Trusted Contributor

Re: Troubleshoot system slow performance

Dear Mr Lim Lay Choo,

You might have to use a performance monitoring tool like Glance/IX when problem occurs. Glance/IX is an HP purchaseable product that displays system resources usage (CPU, Memory, Disc IO, Locks).

If deeper analysis is required, HP provides Time&Materials performance snapshot that will collect datas for a longer period and
offer customers studies to help identify, isolate and address most performance problems. Each report is customized to focus on the customers business objectives. Studies are of a high quality presentation format, with 35 or more pages of charts, graphs, and a review of the data with meaningful recommendations. The report is easy to read and does not require a significant amount of MIS experience to understand.

If you are interested in such services, please place a call to the HP response center.

Re: Troubleshoot system slow performance

You might want to consider getting 3rd party product that will log your systems performance over time. I use Lund performace's SOS/3000. You can define special areas to look for. Once you have collected the data, Lund has a tool called Performace Gallary that converts the data to graphs.

Just Do It!!!
paul courry
Honored Contributor

Re: Troubleshoot system slow performance

With 40 users on a 937, 192Mb RAM and a single 4Gb hard drive you wonder why the system is slow? Hmmmmm, well either you are thrashing the disk with too many I/O's for the applications or you are thrashing the disk with too much memory swapping due to too little memory or you have too many CPU intensive applications going at once.

Run either Glance or SOS as suggested above and find out why. There is no substitute in performance tuning for hard data.