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scope extract of process data

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scope extract of process data

While extracting process data on a particular job that was having performance problems, I found one pin that had a large value in a field called "runtime". The 5.0 manual states Upon reading the 5.0 manual it states RUNTIME Total process execution time until end of
I am not quite sure what this means.
The value there was 12000 seconds,which is 200 minutes or 3.3 hours. The pin consumed no cpu seconds, and did no I/O.

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Re: scope extract of process data


From which LaserRx screen are you extracting the data from?

Is this a batch process? If so, my guess, based on your initial comments it's from logon time...

Needing more info,

Chuck Ciesinski
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Re: scope extract of process data

This data is coming from a scope extract batch run of process data. The particular process is running under a batch job. We do not have LASER/rx. This is report data. I take the data from the report and put it into an excel spreadsheet. It is attached below.