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Adding More Memory to two different vpars.

FNU Kennedy_2
Occasional Contributor

Adding More Memory to two different vpars.


I have a RP8400 Server with 3 VPARS running on them. I need to upgrade two of them. From the man pages, I understand that I need to shutdown one of them and then run the vparmodify it.
The current amount of memory of VPAR1 is 12160MB and for VPAR2 it is 12032MB. I need to add 8Gigs more on VPAR1 and 16 Gigs more on VPAR2. I think this is what I am going to do:

# vparmodify -p vpar1 -m mem::20160
# vparmodify -p vpar2 -m mem::28032

Since this is the first time I am going to modify this ever since the machines were built, I need somebody to bless this. If not point out what kind of surprises are in store for me.