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Advice needed - Render farm

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Advice needed - Render farm

Hi everyone. We're planning a new render farm and I'm searching for the best solution in terms of price/performance. I'm looking for specific advice on the HP models/series/configurations you'd recommend based on your experience/knowledge.


We need the CPU power equivalent to 100 Core 2 Quad Q8200 machines. The application to be used is mental ray (via Maya 2012) which scales very well with cores and is very CPU intensive.


What would be your advice in terms of setup? Blade servers or regular DL servers? Which CPU family would be best (Xeon E7, etc)? Also any advice on the shared storage would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Advice needed - Render farm

Hi go with hp 465 blades, amd will give better solution here , you can have blC7000 enclosure , apart from that use Virtual connect , if you looking for a storage use HP P2000G3 arrays with 6G 15K RPM LFF HDD , use minimum 24NOS drive it will give you better I/O and processing power

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