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Advice on PC Server Config for a Small Office

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Advice on PC Server Config for a Small Office

Planning to set up a Small Networked Office system with a casual Windows literate owner/GM as the de-facto IT person. A server with a shared printer and about 3-5 desktops and the occasional laptops will comprise this small Office with an option to connect to a shared DSL connection. Their office system will run a custom packaged client/server suite (SYBASE backend and simple ODBC linked client app on the client PC) plus the usual file/print serving. I am seeking advice on:

What kind.. am looking at a Proliant ML 110 1P (2.8 Ghz P4), with a 1 GB of RAM. And I am confused with storage.. Do I need to go for 4 x 40GB SATA drives with the 1st 2 as the mirrored OS and the other 2 as the Data store? Or will 2 80/160 GB mirrored do with WIndows OS sharing drive space with data..?

Backup System:
What should I use.. am looking at DDS72 and just used Windows Server's built in backup software to backup the server cold.

Am looking at a decent 5 port switch with WIFI.. Any suggestions on what will be the most reliable/secure box or should I go with a dedicated switch + a broadand router?

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Steven Clementi
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Re: Advice on PC Server Config for a Small Office

That all sounds pretty good.

Server: Depending on the needs of the database, you maybe want some more memory. I think 40GB is plenty for OS and 80/160 should be good enough for Data (160 being the better option).

Backup System: DDS72 is decent. Don't forget the SCSi controller kit. NT Backup works ok for starting out. A better option would be Backup Exec, but if you want to keep it simple.. NT Backup should work just fine.

Networking: Linksys has a decent WiFi combo, multiple options with decent security features (WiFi: 128bit WEP, MAC filter, etc) (Router: NAT, DHCP, limited firewall) (Ports: 4 port, 8 port, 16port). Linksys has both switches and routers or combo's. Real simple to set up too.

Steven Clementi
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