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Any good modem vendor?

Minchu Mo
Occasional Visitor

Any good modem vendor?

We are going to use a rack of modem(up to 64 modem) for field technician to dialin and transfer files. The HP box will have a MUX adpater to connect to the modem pools. Currently we are looking for modem vendor. Can you people suggest any vendor?

The modem need to be able to racked and they are card, not external one.

Dave La Mar
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Re: Any good modem vendor?

In the U.S. try -

Georgia Computer
Shawn Jackson

Skyline Computer
Brent Davies

Both are reliable and pricing is reasonable.

Good Luck.
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harry d brown jr
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Re: Any good modem vendor?

Save yourself - go to the light :-)

I'd drop the idea for modems and go with IPlink with a service provider.

Allows your people to dialin to secured private network. Then toss some internal authentication on it and you are set.

NO modems to worry about, no MUX's, just simple living. AND it's cheaper than paying for all of those phone lines and modems and maintenance!

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Jeff Schussele
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Re: Any good modem vendor?

Hi Minchu,

I've always liked MultiTech modems. They've never been the fastest on the market, but they have always been the best @ throughput on dirty telco lines and there compression is usually better than most. These are solid industrial-grade modems.

Here's a link to their rackmount line.

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A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: Any good modem vendor?

I've always have had good success with the Multitech Rack mOunted models. If you go with the CC-1600 line, I suggest that you also order the optional redundant power supply.
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Alexander M. Ermes
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Re: Any good modem vendor?

Hi there.
Harry's idea is not the worst.
Try to get an offer and do a comparison between the modem solution and Harry's idea.

The modems themselves :
If you want to work with HP machines,
go for the MultiTech stuff.
They are very reliable and give you the best
rate on dirty lines as mentioned above.
We now use them for 8 years without problems.

On the other hand you can go for 3COM's US ROBOTICS modems.

Just my 0.02 US$
Alexander M. Ermes
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