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BTU information

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BTU information

Hello everyone,
I need the BTU rating of my servers, how do I find it?
I looked around the forums but found no conclusive answer.
Also, hp docs and hardware manuals doesn’t reveal this information.
Here are the models I need information for
N 4000 , A 500 , RP 7410 , R 390, L 1000, L 3000 ,K460 & D370

James R. Ferguson
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Re: BTU information

Hi AK:

First, go here:

Then, select the search with "more options" link.

Specify the phrase "site preparation" in the phrase selection and "BTU" in the at-least-one-of-the-words box.

Select the hardware type you want at the bottom, and click SEARCH.

You should get a list of applicable documents which, in turn, you can examine.


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Re: BTU information


Look into the Site Prep docs in the hardware section of the HP docs site,

Here is an example about N4000 (rp7400).

the Input power requirement is 1250VA (Max),

Check on Page 17.

Here is the link to the hardwares on hp docs site,

Hope this helps.

Pete Randall
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Re: BTU information

I think your rp7410 should be covered here:〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=179911&taskId=101&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=86774

The manual for my old K460 (4-way) shows heat disspation of 4263 BTU/hr. under maximum load.

The others I'm not sure about. I did have both an L and an N at one time. I'll see if I can dig up specs on them, but A, the R and the D are unknown to me.


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Re: BTU information

Thanks guys but the referrals donâ t answer my question.
Except for Pete Randall who was kind enough to provide the information about his K460(thanks Pete)
All the documents you referred me to do not specified anything about BTH/Hr (except for one PDF file for the rp 7410 that does).
Also, I need to know BTU/hr for UPS devices (A1356A, A2998A, A6583A and A3589A)

Merry Christmas to all,
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Re: BTU information

I actually found what I wanted thru this thread.
However, I still need information about the UPSâ s.