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Buy new server - suggestions needed

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Buy new server - suggestions needed


Where I work we need a need new server. I am not really a expert in hardware so I hope you can give me a little help choosing a fitting server, I will use a template with answers to help you understand what's needed:

1) What is the available budget?
Up to 2500€ (3380 USD, 2094 GBP).

2) Which tasks will the server execute?
GPS analyses which is pure heavy computing. The amount of reading and writing to the disc is moderate. Internet traffic is low.

3) Does the size of the server matters?
Should be a standard rack.

4) There are any specific requirements (interfaces, storage etc)?
- 8 cores (1x8 [preferable] or 2x4)
- 16 G byte memory
- 4 Tera byte disc
- fast CPU 

I hope somebody can help me with some suggestions.



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Re: Buy new server - suggestions needed

Hi ,

Sounds like a job for a fairly standard DL360 Gen8, lots in TV at the moment, the budget for this may be difficult to keep within based on your needs but it is possible. If your UK based drop me a message and I will see what kind of quote we can sort for you. Keep you eye on G7 bargains too, as they are fantastic servers for the money. Regards Sam


Sam Sharma
The TI Group