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Cluster Planning

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Cluster Planning

Guys, out team wants me to design a 2 node, cluster, with HPUX on it connected to a SAN with a least 1Tb.

Initially, someone thinking of using a dual cpu rx3600, with a eva4100.

Also, what are the qualifyers for a cluster?

We're thinking of asking about the database, applications that will be running.. ??? anything that you can add will be appreciated.

Its our first time to design and obviously need some inputs.

Anyhelp will be highly appreciated guys. thanks.
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Re: Cluster Planning


here is the information for you to get started

Chapter 4 Planning and Documenting an HA Cluster

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Re: Cluster Planning

Srikanth Arunachalam
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Re: Cluster Planning


This is a very interesting start for you to acess.

I used EVA 6000 with 2-node hp-ux cluster (production) EVA 4100 with 2-node hp-ux cluster for UAT (Oracle db of 2TB size is used).

The following are initial plans that you may require

Network details ( you require atleast 5 ip addresses one for floating ip, 2-node ip's console IP and one heartbeat IP).

You need to have MC Serviceguard cluster software. If your design includes software mirroring of disk you may go for MirrorDisk/UX.

Make sure that you have required information about the physical space, temperature from EVA kit and power supply in the data center (EVA box and rx platform each are seperate boxes).

Media -DVD drive and tape drives are important for each servers.

You require appropriate cross-over cables, LAN interface cards and software to startwith.

Check up with your high availablity design and make sure that you make best use of purchase order.