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EVA 3000 VCS3110 upgrade to VCS4.100

Sharjeel Saleem
Regular Advisor

EVA 3000 VCS3110 upgrade to VCS4.100

Hi, We are planning to upgrade our EVA controllers HSV100 from VCS 3110 (active/passive) to VCS4.100 (active/active). we gathered following information from different sources. Now i need to know the impact of this firmware upgrade at our host servers after upgrading the multipathing softwares, as the host servers consist of HP-UX v2, Windows 2000/2003 and Sun Solaris OS platforms. 



-          We can upgrade VCS 3.110 to VCS 4.100 directly. (By Offline method because online firmware upgrade supported only from VCS 4.001).


-          VCS will also require a cabling change for the Host ports on the EVA controllers. This may affect the zoning on san switches.


-          Downgrading while retaining existing data from VCS 4.100 to any earlier version of VCS firmware is not supported. Downgrade is only possible on an uninitialized storage system (which means all your data gone. Make sure you backup your EVA data first).


-          You may also need to upgrade firmware on disk drives when you upgraded the EVA firmware.


-          Be aware that switching to Active/Active firmware will require changing the multipath software on the servers as well.