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EVA 6500 ABM to SBM migration

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EVA 6500 ABM to SBM migration

Hi All,


Due to undelivered OS CD of Storage managenet server, we use ABM to deploy P6500 and plan to deploy SAN management server later. After deploying SAN Mgt Sserver we will migrate ABM to SBM. My questions are:


1. What are the challenges of ABM to SBM migration?

2. Deploying SAN storgae p6500 with ABM is a standard way to proceed?

3. if we use nornmal windows OS rather that Windows Storage server, does it cause any impact on the software that we will use later, i.e. BC, CVEVA.



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: EVA 6500 ABM to SBM migration


you don't need "Windows Storage" server. In fact these days you can even run CV in a normal Windows in a virtual machine (see P6000 compatibility matrix for details). You can have two CV machines running at the same time (please run the same version on both) - but only one can manage it at the same time.

The server needs to have connectivity to the host ports of the EVA.

Just as Johan said , however there is still some differen...

Just as Johan said , however there is still some differences. 

1、In old version ABM CV , you can not update the disk FW, the button is gray and unavailable.

2、The diagnostic tool HPCC can only be used for SBM, the MM does not support it.


So  you can recommend your customer to deploy both ABM and SBM if he/she does have a spare server. It will bring you some benefits in the future.


 CV 10.0  require Eng Language Evr, which can bring some trouble in non-Eng country.


There are  there EVA installatin case in my team recently which deploy SBM CV 10.1 , but nobody can complete , because the installatin process hang for 1-2h without any error or tip  , it just hang there. My god !