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Going from UNIX to NT/2000

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Going from UNIX to NT/2000

We just lost our UNIX administrator, and so the question is being raised about abandening UNIX alltogether on our network. Since we are 95% NT this makes sense, but I have heard a couple of horror stories about running OpenView on NT. I am trying to research if this is a viable alternative and how much functionality we will loose by doing this.

Can anyone point me towards documents for ar against moving OpenView to an NT platform?
Scott Van Kalken
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Going from UNIX to NT/2000 has a lot of resources.

Basically, there is a lot more you can do with the Unix version of openview when you want to get into passing stuff between servers. It comes down to levels of flexibility.

The other thing is that if your organisation has no unix expertise and isn't planning on hiring more, why keep it on unix? But that's a business decision.

Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: Going from UNIX to NT/2000

It's not really a bad idea to move to NT if your site is 95% NT. Openview works the same way it works on UNIX. Limitations are like shell programming etc., If you use some customized scripts in Unix, you can run them as well using MKS toolkit, perl etc., Probably you may end up re-writing/verify them.

However there are few basic differences between openview on NT and UNIX depending on the product you are using. You need to some study of the product documentation.Check out the documentation at in the area "network and systems management".

I agree if you have only one unix system with only openview on it, you don't want to spend money for a unix administrator.

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try
T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: Going from UNIX to NT/2000

I have worked on products like ManageX and VantagePointoperations for Windows.
These products give good benefits when you go on for a Enterprise Management solution.Group of products integrated.
My experience is not to go for openview on NT.First thing is that your OS should be very stable to handle problems.
My experience was in a very bad environment.Believe it administrators were rebooting their servers once in three days and a ping response was around 4sec.
The cost for the openview products and for their implementation is very high,it is a long ...term solution.I prefer to go for a VPO on Unix for managing your mixed environment.
T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: Going from UNIX to NT/2000

The product blame the people who implement it and vice versa...
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Re: Going from UNIX to NT/2000

Hello Eric,

in my opinion it is more about the amount of "managed
nodes", the interval to test them, your own skills as the
administrator of the managementstation and the add-on
software needed/wanted.

The only human being known (to the OV-Forum) to be
able to manage 10000s of nodes with a single windows
based NNM was Steve Pyatt, but he left hs company, so
there is nobody left (the rest of us agreed, that we were
just not able to do this on windows, but we all are able
to this on HP-UX or Solaris). Iam not only kidding here.
To be honest: it seems like windows is not able to poll
as many stations per time interval as unix stations are.
And it seems like unix stations are more stable for that
kind of job. And you cannot tune windows as far and
good as you can unix systems.

The more stations you have to poll, the more "queues"
you will need in NNM, but where you can have 50 on
unix systems, for windows 15 seems to be the limit.

A lot of reliably running NNM on unix stations are not
very well administered, kind of only as much as needed
to keep them up and running. But you do need a lot of
administrative work more to make and keep a windows
station that stable.

Oh, and quite often it seems like you need more RAM on
windows to do the same work...

So, for smaller environments, it is kind of "no problem",
but for larger and large networks I do always recommend
unix based platforms.

Just my ?0.02 and the opinion of somebody else...


PS: MSDN was run in the past with NNM on HP-UX...

Re: Going from UNIX to NT/2000

Thank you for your help.