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HP 3rd Party Service Companies

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Gary Hines

HP 3rd Party Service Companies

Hi all,
We currently have service on our HPUX services through a 3rd party that we bought the servers from. Basically, if anything goes wrong, we call them and if they can't fix it/or help us solve it, they contact HP and handle everything for us. They've always been very responsive and helpful. Recently the contract has come up for renewal and the executives want us to investigate other options and get quotes.
The only other option I could think of was to go directly to HP and get a quote for service, and look for other third parties. So can anyone recommend some other 3rd parties, or any other information that could help me out here. Thanks for any help.
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 3rd Party Service Companies

You don't mention the company you are currently using, but we've recently switched all of our HW and HP-UX support to SourceDirect ( ). They have offices all over the USA and have quite a staff of former HP HW & SW engineers. We saved quite a bit over HP's support pricing.