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HP L1000/SC10

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David Ranford_2
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HP L1000/SC10

Hi All,

I'm running out of disk space on my SC10 which is fully populated with 9GB drives. I have 2x9Gb drives in the L1000. All the drives are currently mirrored. I really need an extra 40GB of data. Would it be best if I installed two extra drives in the L1000, or upgrade the drives in the SC10 - and if so what is the best way. Im running hpux 11 and have 5 v/groups. I'm using a DDS4 for backup.

Thanks and Regards

Re: HP L1000/SC10

Well it depends on what you need the space for, and how your Volume Groups are set up.

You could use Ignite/UX, create a recovery tape for the server, replace the two discs internally with larger ones, then re-ignite your server using the recovery tape.

The other way to do this is to increse the SC10 storage. I assume it is in split bus mode if you are mirroring.
Split the mirrors, remove one set of the discs that are now not used, replace them with larger drives and then add these drives into an existing VG and then re-mirror, split off the remaining 9GB drives leaving the data on the new larger discs, and repeat the drive replacement/vgextend/re-mirror idea.
This all depends on the fact that there are no issues with VG parameters when adding in the new drives.
Otherwise, split the mirrors, swap out the set of discs no longer used, create new VG/LV sets, backup and copy the data to the new drives, mount them under the correct mount points and test. If all is ok, then remove the old VG/LV sets, swap out the remaining discs, add them back in to the new VG sets, and remirror.

Just an overview of what you could do.

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Rajesh SB
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Re: HP L1000/SC10

Hi David,

Your Server and Disk array uses same kind of Hard Disk, i.e. Hot Swapable.
This can be used any where.

I recomend you to use 2 additional disks drives in the L1000. Assumimg, you are going to utilize this space for root file system or for application.

David Ranford_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP L1000/SC10

Thanks chaps, you have both given me some good options.

Thanks again,
Florian Heigl (new acc)
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Re: HP L1000/SC10

Just a small point to look at before You order new disks:

Check the MaxPEperPV setting of Your volume groups. With 9GB disks it might be set in a way that will limit You to 18GB replacement disks unless You re-build the VG.

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