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HP vs Sun

Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

HP vs Sun

I'm losing the battle to increase the number of HP servers at the site I'm on.

Need to replace some old Sun E250's (running DNS and NTP) with new servers.

5 total.

Cost for Sun V240's are $6000 (Canadian) less EACH then HP RP34440's.

Anyone have comparison's on these type of servers?

Are the RP3440's "bigger,better,faster" servers then the V240's? If yes, then what would be HP's equivalent?

IE - server must still be considered "Enterprise" class and run HP-UX.

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Re: HP vs Sun


I might not be an expert, but I would recommend you to consider Integrity-Itanium Servers instead of PA-RISC. Why?, because HP is trying to push day by day all their customers to Itanium servers. HP is focusing more ans more in this type of server, mainly because PA-RISC processors will come to an end in a few years from now....I know PA-RISC are very stable servers, but you have to plan for the future.

This is the future, so if you want to bet for something on the HP side, bet for these type of servers.

Sorry couldn't find a comparison of the 2 servers you mentioned....


Luis N.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: HP vs Sun


For the same bucks Itanium does improve performance a bit over PA-RISC. As an administrator, I'm still more comfy with the reliability of PA versus Itanium.

For performance stuff:

Also take a look at the Corporate stability of HP versus Sun. HP is a bigger, stronger company and Wall Street wonders if Sun will be here in its current form in 10 years. Thats an important business reason to at least consider sun.

For these purposess though you could get away with cheaper hardware from either vendor running Linux. If you went CentOS your OS costs would be near zero.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
dirk dierickx
Honored Contributor

Re: HP vs Sun

NTP and DNS have to be on a big-bucks enterprise machine? we moved those things to a linux box ages ago, for such simple services i don't really see the need.

anyway, the 240 is OK as long as you provide dual cpu, psu, disks etc. you got your basic redundancy in check. solaris is a _great_ OS (my personal opinion is that it kicks HPUX butt)... until you run into HW problems. SUN is really bad in this area and HP has the upper hand, their HW diagnostics tools are excellent.
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Re: HP vs Sun

I would like to highlight few points where business users needs to think and decision

1. HP share price has increses from US$22 to US$33 in year time frame while SUN has shown dissatisfaction to his stack holders while consecutive three years loss and that is HP CEO has resigned

2. In recent announcement, SUN has cutting its R& D expenditutue which means no innovation can be seen.

3. Itanium is good choice as your ROI is protected, if you decide in future windows/Linux installation on same server.

Support -
1. No comparision on support
2. Have a look on HP offering ISEE under warranty which differentiate from competition
3. ITRC forun is quite useful for sys admin and got award
4. HPUX 11i V2 has added feature

Many Many more ...

And above all I think that SUN is on roll to set

Cheers !!

Honored Contributor

Re: HP vs Sun


HP rp3440 is indeed powerful server compared to Sun V240.

As per my understanding, the HP's equivalent or rather "superior" in comparision would be rx1620-2 Integrity server.

The biggest advantage of going with HP Integrity is flexibility of running various OSs like HPUX,Linux,OpenVMS,Windows if required. HPUX version 11.31 is on anvil with 'rich" features.

You might want to look at these.
Darrel Louis
Honored Contributor

Re: HP vs Sun


From a hardware point of view:
We have less problems with the HP hardware compare to the SUN servers.
We have 3 V240 on which several parts has already been replaced within 6 months.

If you're looking from a cost point of view why not LINUX?
Both HP and SUN and other competetors are pushing to wards Linux, because it's cheaper.

GoodLuck with the decission

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Re: HP vs Sun

Hi Mate,
Let me correct in my earlier posting

It is SUN CEO who resigned recently because consecutive three years loss in the company not HP. It was typing mistake.

More Solaris is legacy Unix. When we though of IT consolidation and SAN infrastructure, we are getting remarkable solution /support from HP.

Cheers !!


Frequent Advisor

Re: HP vs Sun

Interesting document on ROI
Rick Garland
Honored Contributor

Re: HP vs Sun

Having worked in a shop with some 3500 systems, hardware issues were many times more numerous on SUN than HP. Our internal counts indicated almost 3 times more hardware calls to SUN than to HP on an average month. The downtime on SUN servers was also much higher.

Yes this is a personal note but the experience is there.

f. halili
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP vs Sun

2x1GHz or 1.28 GHz UltraSPARC processors
up to 8GB main memory
up to 4 disk drives
3 PCI slots: 1x66MHz, 2x33MHz
four Gigabit Ethernet ports
512 KB L2 cache

2-4 800MHz to 1.0GHz processors w/6.4 Gbps systems bandwidth
24GB DDR RAM w/8.5 Gbps memory bandwidth
4 full-length, 64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X I/O slots
3 hot-plug SCSI disk 438GB internal storage