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HP9000 server N class

Todd Huntley
Occasional Visitor

HP9000 server N class

Would like to direct connect via a5158a fc hba to LSI E2400. Where do I go to make sure that we have the latest drivers for the card? LSI show that this is an approved config. where can I go to see if HP approves this config.
Scott Eldridge
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP9000 server N class

For the latest driver of the card go to:
Choose 11i or 11.0
I don't know of a web site that would show whether or not HP supports that config.
Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: HP9000 server N class

The latest version of the driver which we use on our N classes is;

A5158A B.11.00.05 HP PCI Tachyon TL Fibre Channel

And the patches for it;

# PHKL_21834 B.11.00.AA Fibre Channel Mass Storage Driver Patch
And the latest LVM patches to go with it will also be needed;
# PHCO_20054 1.0 LVM commands cumulative patch
# PHCO_21630 1.0 LVM commands cumulative patch

We use all these on our servers and no problems.

As for your external disk array, I dont even know what it is. But its external to the HP. As long as you use the above driver and patches HP will support that - any problems with the disk array and you will need to contact them for support issues - not HP. For our EMC's HP support the latest drivers&patches, EMC are the ones we talk to about if its supported on HP and what patches/driver version they require.
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Santosh Nair_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP9000 server N class

Looks like the latest driver is :

product #: A5158A
version: B.11.00.06
platform: Workstation/Server
system: HP-UX11.00

As for patches:

PHKL_23939: s700_800 11.00 Fibre Channel Mass Storage Driver Patch
PHSS_23996: s700_800 11.00 Tachyon TL Fibre Channel Driver Patch

and probably would want to load the latest LVM patchs.


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