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HardWare maintenance logs

Rick Garland
Honored Contributor

HardWare maintenance logs

General question for all.

I am wanting to implement some record keeping for when HP make a HW call on site. I remember in the past there were some "gold" 3-ring binders that HP would fill out when they made a HW call. Fill out the date/time, what system, what was done, etc.

At a previous job this worked fairly well.

Nowadays, I want to get away from the gold books. Is there some app that would allow me to keep track of the HW calls? I am not so much interested in having HP sign it, but I would like to have some sort of electronic record-keeping that will allow me to search on serveral attributes. Is there some software from HP that functions in this manner?

Many thanks!
Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: HardWare maintenance logs

If you have a system handle that have h/w and s/w support from HP, you can log your calls online from here:

This will keep track of your service calls.
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doug mielke
Respected Contributor

Re: HardWare maintenance logs

I created a very low tech solution to this. I've created regular mailboxes in Exchange to use as server logs.
Anyone can mail to them, the tech can add to it, even if he's left the site.
It's archiveable, searchable, etc.
( I even have one for users of Oracle OPerations, called

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: HardWare maintenance logs

We have exchange mailboxes for cron jobs and for the output of information from batch jobs I let cron run to check the system integrity.

We also keep records of all sorts of maintenance issues in our servers internal web server. We have a little cgi program that lets us search for keywords and such.

We produce the web pages either with browser save as or with Microsoft Word save as web page function.

We take the web pages from our software calls under contract at and save them to the server so we can access some information when the Internet isn't available.

Lastly we keep a binder with printouts some from the above sources so we have something to look at when the system is just plain down.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation