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Hardware Requirement For Test Environment

Regular Advisor

Hardware Requirement For Test Environment



Hope all of you guys doing well with your health.

Need your help to get start with test environment. Following is the current production env details and our requirement.


Current Production Environment Details.


Hardware Details (2 Servers with same specifications)


CPU info:

   Intel(R) Itanium 2 9100 series processor (1.67 GHz, 18 MB)

   2 cores, 4 logical processors per socket

   666 MT/s bus, CPU version A1

          Active processor count:

          2 sockets

          4 cores (2 per socket)

          4 logical processors (2 per socket)

          LCPU attribute is disabled


Memory: 98273 MB (95.97 GB)


Firmware info:

   Firmware revision:  04.11

   FP SWA driver revision: 1.18

   IPMI is supported on this system.

   BMC firmware revision: 5.25


Platform info:

   Model:                  "ia64 hp server rx3600"

   Machine ID number:      dfa758a4-8f40-11df-86c1-a65605b0aa3f

   Machine serial number:  SGH5023B5D


OS info:

   Nodename:  mcmsdbl1

   Release:   HP-UX B.11.31

   Version:   U (unlimited-user license)

   Machine:   ia64

   ID Number: 3752286372

   vmunix _release_version: @(#) $Revision: vmunix:    B.11.31_LR FLAVOR=perf



Database Details


RAC with 2 Nodes

Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit



We need to prepare test environment just to handle following task before applying any changes in production servers.


- OS level administration

- Installing any softwares

- Setting up ODBC setups

- Installing any missing utilities in test before doing it in live servers.

- For restoration of data using data pump utility

- Other basic administration task


So to handle the above listed task we don't want to go with high cost server in test enviroment. We just want to know the server with the least specification and low cost which supports the task/changes/modification/installations done in test can be applied later in production environment upon confirmation.


Hope you guys understand my need and provide me some valuable advices.


Thanks & Best Regards



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