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High availibility configuration

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Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

High availibility configuration


We are soon implementing a HA configuration between two rp5450s and 2 SC10s. This will be done using ServiceGuard of course.

Each server has 2 Dual Port SCSI PCI cards. Attached please find our suggested configuration. Please tell us any comments, what is good/bad etc. Take into account that the dual SCSI cards are SPOFs i.e. it is different from having 4 single SCSI cards.

The numbers shown are the SCSI IDs. Below please find the legend.

SA1AM = Server A SC10 1 Alternate Mirror
SA2P = Server A SC10 2 Primary
SA1PM = Server A SC10 1 Primary Mirror
SA2AP = Server A SC10 2 Alternate Primary
SB2PM = Server B SC10 2 Primary Mirror
SB1P = Server B SC10 1 Primary
SB1AP = Server B SC10 1 Alternate Primary
SB2AM = Server B SC10 2 Alternate Mirror

Tape Drives RULE!!!
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Re: High availibility configuration

Hi Vincent

I went thorugh the atachment , essentially 2 servers 2 disk arrays , 4 controller ( 2*2) on each pairing up to both the arrays , this looks good and under a case when both controllers on a machine fail the other can see the all the disks also if the primary or the mirroed array fails we have both the servers looking at the disks . The only glitch is that when u have one controller failing the other port will also get bad.

There is no better way to do it .

Manoj Srivastava