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I want to learn Hp Unix. Is there any tutorial based or guides which I could learn from?
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There are many references on the Net.
See other posts in the Forum. Some are
free, some are commercial.

The best way to learn is to have access to
servers that run HP-UX or have a test
box to play with.

Of course, you have to be mindful of what
you do.

I am a Senior Instructor in HP Education
in Australia and I teach all sorts of and
levels of HP-UX, Linux, Solaris (only to internal HP staff), ServiceGuard, some
storage, and soon VMware courses.

If you cannot travel, you have an
opportunity to learn through Remotely
Assisted Instructional Learning (RAIL):

Or, if you do not have access to HP-UX
servers, you can get a free (no obligation)
account at Testdrive at HP:

You can then play with servers (no root
access by default, but you can ask for it
if you have a special need)...

And there are many other sources and
ways to learn HP-UX.

Hands-on experience is crucial for
success in information technology.
And one more thing: once you start learning,
you cannot stop it. You must continue
to study (on your own, or if you are
lucky somebody pays for your training).

In my view, the magic of good system administrators are:

a) Adaptability
b) Open-minded approach to everything
c) Multi-skilled
d) Good communication skills
e) Have passion
f) Can be part of teams

I would never employ people that claim
to know everything. I want staff that
can learn new things if need be...

Good luck and enjoy learning HP-UX and other
Unices and Linux!

VK2COT - Dusan Baljevic
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