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IEC13 to IEC14 PDU

Evan Grace
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IEC13 to IEC14 PDU

Is IEC13 or IEC-C13 and IEC14 or IEC-C14 used for server power distribution? If so, what type of power connections are used?

Where can I find specs on this?

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Re: IEC13 to IEC14 PDU

Depends on the server model. Many HP servers do have such connections, but bigger ones may have C19/C20 connections.

The PDUs usually have C13 (or C19) connectors in them for the servers, and the servers have C14 or C20 on their rear panels respectively.

So, usually a C13/C14 cable (or several of them) is the right thing to have. Big servers may need several C19/C20 cables.

To connect a PDU to the power source, you usually need a cable with a C19 for plugging to the PDU's input.

My guess: in any given connection, the C13 (or C19) is always supposed to be on the supplying side, and the C14 (or C20) on the consuming side. That way, if a plug ever gets detached, the bare prongs of C14 or C20 *should* not be live. I would not trust my life on that though...

When connecting a PDU to the power source, there are various kinds of cables available. See:
Evan Grace
Occasional Visitor

Re: IEC13 to IEC14 PDU

The reply posting answered my question.