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Installation elapsed time

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Installation elapsed time

I'm in the planning stages to upgrade a rp4440 server from HP-UX 11.11 to 11.31 via cold install. Unfortunately, I do not have a comparable system to test/time the installation.

What is a good estimate for how long it will take to install HP-UX 11.31 on an rp4440 (or similar system).

System specs:
6 x 1GHz PA8900
2 x 73 GB 15K internal disks
2 x A6795A fibre channel HBA
DVD+-RW drive
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Installation elapsed time

Hi Robert:

Cold-install and what?

Assuming that you have the most recent core OS media, you still need to install any application products (compilers, etc.), patches (via SWA is my choice), and third-party applications and database software.

You will need to customize various configuration files; your usera and groups will need to be married to your new environment; and non-vg00 volume groups will need to be imported.

Plan to copy key, 11.11 configuration files to a non-vg00 volume that you can import after the cold-install. Then, 'diff' your old 11.11 file to the new 11.31 version. Integrate only the pieces you need for 11.31.

I don't have a definitive time that this will take. At a minimum, I'd plan about 4-hours before the system would be "usable" in some fashion to an end-user while you complete additional, necessary tasks.



Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Installation elapsed time

Installation can be done in less than an hour. But now you have a system that needs patching, needs application disk volumes created, application(s) and database software installed and patched, user IDs created, security settings configured, LAN cards setup, fibre channel disk LUNs imported, and so on. So from a basic system that isn't useful to a running system ready for production, you may need another 2 to 30 hours depending on what needs to be done to make the system useful.

So if your task is to simply install HP-UX, less than an hour, but I would not consider the system ready until the most recent patch bundle has been installed and system security setup -- another 2-4 hours.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: Installation elapsed time

Sorry, for not being clearer. I'm looking for a time estimate to simply install the HP-UX 11.31 OE from DVD onto the server.

I realize the server is no where near complete until it's patched, users created, things setup, 3rd party apps installed, etc. I have rough estimates for those items from setting up a new rp4440 that came from the factory with HP-UX 11.31.

My last cold install was installing HP-UX 11.11 onto a K370. Obviously, times from that evolution won't match installing onto a rp4440.

Re: Installation elapsed time

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