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JFS 3.3 &OnlineJFS3.3

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Steven Sobkowski
Occasional Advisor

JFS 3.3 &OnlineJFS3.3

I have an HP-UX 11.0 800 Series A500 that currently has JFS3.1 and OnlineJFS3.1 Installed. I have purchased JFS3.3 and ONlineJFS3.3 and was wondering if there is a recommended procedure published anywhere on how to sucessfully upgrade 3.1 to 3.3 for both JFS and OnlineJFS? Should 3.1 be removed first?
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Re: JFS 3.3 &OnlineJFS3.3

jfs 3.3 is free from

onlineJFS is not though.

There should be release notes that'll have the info you require. I'm sure there's no major consideration upgradeing -- only downgrading.

But check out

for more info.

It works for me (tm)
S.K. Chan
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Re: JFS 3.3 &OnlineJFS3.3

I have a write-up too.
Deshpande Prashant
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Re: JFS 3.3 &OnlineJFS3.3

Do not delete the old version.
Install the QPAK1100 from Sep 2001 Suport plus CD.
#swinstall -x autoreboot-true -x match_target=true -s /SD_CDROM QPK1100
After rebooting machine use Application CD (1) to install JFS3.3
#swinstall -a ask=true -x autoreboot=true -s/SD_CDROM JFS

After rebooting machine apply the license code to enable online JFS.
#/sbin/vxlicense -c then enter the license.
#/sbin/fs/vxfs3.3/vxenablef -a to enable online JFS

Once upgraded upgrade the file system layout using #vxupgrade -n 4 / command.

NOTES :- 1. Get the license code to enable online JFS.
2. If you have additional parameters (mincache..) for file systems in fstab, the file system may not get mounted before it is upgraded, so mount FS without such additional parameters.

Take it as it comes.