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MSA2312fc G2 and MSA70

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MSA2312fc G2 and MSA70



We currently have an MSA2312fc G2 and are looking at adding additional storage via a MSA70.  The MSA2312fc has dual controllers and the MSA70 will have dual I/O modules.  Is it possible to connect the MSA70 without powering down the MSA2312?  Here is the procedure that I think would work but please correct me if I am wrong:


1.  Shutdown controller B on 2312.

2.  Connect I/O module 2 on MSA70 to controller B.

3.  Power on MSA70.

4.  Power on controller B on 2312 after MSA70 has fully powered on and initialized.

5.  Power down controller A on 2312.

6.  Connect I/O module 1 on MSA70 to controller A.

7.  Power on controller A.


I would like to be able to add the MSA70 with no downtime if possible.


Thank you in advance,


Jeff Michels

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Re: MSA2312fc G2 and MSA70

Hi Jeff,


Please note that MSA70 is not supported with MSA2312fc. Please find the link to get the details,


Please let me know if you have any more doubts.