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Maxvgs Considerations

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Maxvgs Considerations


I need to increase maxvg parameter on my production server, currently it is set to 50 i want to make it to 250
i want to understand the amount of memory it will utilize as i am more concerned about system performance also.

my server is having 16 Gb with 8 Cpus
B.11.23 U ia64 system.

more specifically, i want to know how much memory does it utilizes for one volume group when it is activated.

James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Maxvgs Considerations


From the manpages for 'maxvgs(5)', about 4-8 KB of lockable physical memory is used for each increment in the 'maxvgs' value:



Re: Maxvgs Considerations

well 250 is a little large, unless you really think you may get to that sort of number of VG's.

I would have thought 100 might be a good number.

Oh yes, maxvgs no longer exists for HP-UX 11iv3

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Avinash Agarkar
Valued Contributor

Re: Maxvgs Considerations

Hi sandeep,

It will not utilize much memory

Approximately 4-8KB of lockable physical memory is consumed by advancing the maxvgs value by 1.

I don't think it's much if you consider 250 max vg parameter then it consume aprox 2000kb of memory.


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