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Migrating from 32 bit K460 server to rp7400 64-bit

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Ken Mueller

Migrating from 32 bit K460 server to rp7400 64-bit

Hello all, We are in the process of moving from a K460 32 bit hpux 11 server to a rp7400 64bit hpux 11 server (which will be connected to a clarion 4700). I wanted to make my life easier on the move by first mirroring the k460 disks (not system disks - oracle, files, homes, etc) to the 4700 and then, when the time was right break the mirror and re-activate the afore-mirrored disks on the new server. I'm pretty sure there is no problem as far as Oracle is concerned, but I don't know whether there might be some other problems, HP-UX-wise. For instance, would I need to re-compile the Cobol programs on the new server? Will there be any problems with the JFS (3.3) on the new server working with file systems created on a 32-bit server? If you can think of any gotchas I am likely to find, please share them!
Thanks in advance,
Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: Migrating from 32 bit K460 server to rp7400 64-bit

Hi Ken,

1. Your procedure may not work. You cannot take out the disks out of volume group configuration on K460 without removing the logical volumes on it. So, breaking the mirror will not help.

But what you can do is to create new volume groups and file systems using the clarion disks, mount them, copy the data from old disks to clarion disks during the change window. Once the data is copied, unmount the file systems and export the volume groups. Connect Clarion to RP7400 and then import them using the map files and -s option.

2. 32bit executables still work on 64 architecture. You don't have to recompile.

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harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Migrating from 32 bit K460 server to rp7400 64-bit

I ported, and that means I moved my MF Cobol apps from 10.20 to 11i (64bit) without recompiling, but because we had a customized rts32, we had to relink the libraries.

Your idea is sound, but you really should upgrade your JFS to 3.4. What I would do is mount them on your N-class (rp7400) then create new vg's and copy the data over.

I'd also consult with Oracle, because you WILL need the 11i (64bit) version. I'm not sure how this is done, because I usually leave that mess up to my DBA's.

You might also want to search the forum looking for other threads on this subject, of which there are MANY.

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A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: Migrating from 32 bit K460 server to rp7400 64-bit

Hi Ken:

You should have no problems. The Oracle data (as long as the Oracle versions are the same) will port without problem. If your paths/mountpoints are the same, you can simply move the Oracle data over and start the database; otherwise, you would do an export/import. You will need to install the 64-bit Oracle binaries. You COBOL code and data should work as well. I have done this using Merant (Micro-Focus) COBOL 4.1. You will almost certainly want to tune your Oracle to take advantage of the larger address space.

The only significant hardware issue (and this may not apply) is that your K box uses HVD SCSI and unless you purchased the HVD SCSI controllers, your new box uses LVD SCSI. You can't simply connect JBOD's or other HVD SCSI devices and expect them to work. Your filesystems will import/export as well.

One other option you might explore is going to 11.11 64-bit. I've done that as well and there were no problems.

Regards, Clay
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Ken Mueller

Re: Migrating from 32 bit K460 server to rp7400 64-bit

Many thanks for your pointers. Moving the data won't be as fast as breaking the mirror, but it's a lot faster than lan! Thanks again.