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Migration of SAN EVA 4400 to EVA 6400


Migration of SAN EVA 4400 to EVA 6400

Hi, we are in the process of upgrading our SAN and network.  The older 4400 switch fabric is managed by Cisco MDS9124  switches. The new fabric is FCoE with Nexxus switches.  I would like to connect the the Nexxus 5k to the MDS via twin-x and then mirror the data and then break the mirror during cutover to the new network. Sounds straight forward enough, but I have not found any examples to work from.  I can connect the 5k to mds and create vlan/vsan between the two. What I don't know how to do is creating the mirror. Does it show up in the EVA command view once connected?  I believe the new SAN comes with a 120 day eval for mirroring/CA. Is it sufficient to connect the two sans together for my purposes? The mirror only needs to be in place long enough to replicate the data and point the existing hosts at the new San.  I realize that in a few words I have laid out a lot of complex tasks, but any information and/or help would greatly be appreciated.

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Migration of SAN EVA 4400 to EVA 6400



what is twin-x? Won't you need optical LC cables for this?


It's called replication when you have a synchronous/asynchronous copy of the LUN on another array. This is CA - continuous access.

Mirroring/business copy in the EVA world is generally when you have some kind of copy of the vdisk/LUN on the same array.


Will you also need CA license on the EVA4400?


You could manually copy the data between the LUNs (present new LUN fro 6400 to server and copy between LUNs) but that's probably slower and will likely involve downtime.


There are best practice guides for CA on the EVAs. See the SAN Design Best practices guide too.

One quite common setup is to dedicate host ports on the EVA and either direct connect the EVAs or zone them together via SAN-switches. After that they should pop up in CV and you can create DR groups and start the replication.

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Re: Migration of SAN EVA 4400 to EVA 6400


The largest issue you are going to face here is merging the fabrics together.  As your MDS9124 switches currently have zoning on them it will not be as simple as connecting them to your Nexxus swithes.  You will have to assure that all things are in place in order to allow a proper merge of the fabrics together putting both arrays on the same fabric.  Once on the same fabric you will need to zone both arrays to see each other and zone both arrays to see the COmmand View server.  Once they are both seen in Command View you can then use Continuous Access to replicate your existing VDisks from the 4400 to your 6400.  To do this you will need a Continuous Access license installed on both arrays or you can purchase a special "EVA Migration" license that will allow you to perform CA operations for a set length of time before it expires.  Once you have successfully replicated all of the data from the 4400 to the 6400 you can then present the LUNs to their respective hosts from the EVA6400.