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New Server Req'd!

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Simon R Wootton
Regular Advisor

New Server Req'd!

We curently run a 4GL on an L2000 with 4 x 440MHz CPU and 4GB RAM. The application roll-out is not yet complete and already the system performance is very poor - many avenues have already ben explored but it looks like we need a serious upgrade to the hardware, or more likely a new server. I'm unsure what the latest spec's are for new servers or indeed what the new server range includes. I'm probably looking for something 3 times faster than the L2000. I need suggestions of what to look at and also any references of useful web pages. Thanks in advance.
Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: New Server Req'd!

Hi there.
Check this URL and look for details.

Should give you some idea of hat you need.
My suggestion is a rp7400.
Alexander M. Ermes
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Dave Wherry
Esteemed Contributor

Re: New Server Req'd!

This link will give you some other tech. specs. on the server line:

It does not have all the most recent numbers though.

I was very pleased with a couple of rp5470's that I installed earlier this year. I thought Alexander's suggestion of an rp7400 might be a little high. I took another look and I think he's right. A 4 way 5470 has a TPM estimate of 50,000. A 4 way L2000 has a TPM estimate of 22,422. So the 5470 does not get you to the 3 times bump you're looking for.
A 7400 costs more to get into than a 5470, but can scale to 8 processors giving you a much longer life in that chasis. A 7400 also does more with partitioning than a 5470 so you might be able to get some other use out of that box.
Having said I agree with the 7400, I really suggest you look at the 7410. If initial cost is a big concern you might be able to get by with a 5470 with the current PA8700/750Mhz procs. When the next generation of PA8700 procs come out you could swap the procs and would probably get to your 3 times bump. A 7410 certainly gives you what you need now and more room for growth.

Honored Contributor

Re: New Server Req'd!

Hi Simon

You may also look at the this site

this is a good refernce site.

MAnoj Srivastava