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Omniback and Lawson Co-Existing

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Omniback and Lawson Co-Existing

Good morning to all:

I have a situation here where I am performing a series of moves/changes/reconfigurations on several systems & applications in my environment, including an overhaul of the backup architecture.

Currently I am using Omniback 3.5 to backup my unix environment with an impending switch to Veritas Netbackup for the enterprise. In doing this, I am forced to still keep Omniback 3.5 up & running since we have some data written by this app that we may have to restore someday.

I also have a system that runs the Lawson Financial application Version 7.X, with this app running on an N4000 system.

I am forced to consider using the lawson system which is by chance a development system, and install & run a version of Omniback 3.5 on this same system.

Has anyone out there ever tried this, and if so should I anticipate any problems with the 2 applications co-existing on the same hardware?

Thank you for taking the time to read this long question and for the upcoming responses.

Frank G.
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Re: Omniback and Lawson Co-Existing

Hi, Frank
I dont't use Lawson, but my OBII 3.5 Cell manager is on a Production Server running Informix and Oracle Databases.
I have very few problems with any of the apps running on this system. It is running the apps character and client server, so it is not just a database server.. I hope this helps,
I may be slow, but I get there !
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Re: Omniback and Lawson Co-Existing


I want to make sure I am reading your question correctly, why would you have a problem with Lawson and Omni. You could have a problem with Veritas and Omni using the same tape devices.
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Re: Omniback and Lawson Co-Existing


Veritas is going to end up on a seperate server utilizing an STK silo, omniback is using local DLT8000 drives connected to certain systems. Omniback and Lawson are going to be the one's that need to co-exist nicely. Any Thoughts on that point?
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Re: Omniback and Lawson Co-Existing


I don't see why that would be a problem except for resource usage. And that really depends on the machine it's on. When you have both running, check the obvious stuff like memory, cpu and swap usage. Also make sure all of you kernel parameters are tuned correctly. eg, if both products say to tune nfile to 10,000, I would go higher than that to satisfy both.
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Re: Omniback and Lawson Co-Existing

We use lawson, oracle, omni, and a tape library all together on a L2000 server, and don't run into any problems.
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Re: Omniback and Lawson Co-Existing

Thank you all for replying. It seems as though the general consensus is that I should not experience any problems.

Marilyn, the environment you list there is EXACTLY what we will be running on our machine, the only difference is ours is an L3000 2CPU 2GB.

Thanks for the replies, enjoy the points.
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