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Omniback my backup solution?

Honored Contributor

Omniback my backup solution?

Hey everyone..
I just got out of what was a very productive meeting with my CEO.And I brought up the fact that we need to start doing back ups. I told him it would be a wise investment to do weekly backups.He asked me to draw up a proposal on a backup solution.So I am here. Asking for advice. I was thinking Omniback II ?? I have about 40 servers that are running HPUX all on a private network. Omniback the way to go?

Joseph C. Denman
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Re: Omniback my backup solution?

I use it and like it. I have not had much experience with other backup solutions, but Omniback is a very nice package.

If I had only read the instructions first??
harry d brown jr
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Re: Omniback my backup solution?

YES Omniback is good, but so is fbackup, but I think I would change my backup schedule to a little more frequent, depending upon the volatility of the data on your systems. Also, at LEAST once a week you should be doing make_recovery's on each system!

live free or die
Live Free or Die
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Re: Omniback my backup solution?

well right now we only have 2 N classes with external tape drives. Do I need more tape drives and omniback?
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Re: Omniback my backup solution?

Hi Richard,

You may want to look into Veritas netbackup too. It would be a wise move as i have heard some people are not so happy with Omniback.

Hope this helps.

Roger Baptiste
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Re: Omniback my backup solution?


As a longtime user/admin of omniback , i would fully endorse OB as a good backup solution product. The version you will be getting now is omniback 3.x . It''s easy to use too with a slick GUI interface. (remember SAM?)
and also works with NT clients.

The other product alternative is netbackup from veritas. I have not used it ,so cannot make any comment.

Once you shortlist a backup tool, you would also need to think of backup devices: eg: how many local tape drives?
DLT7000? How many systems will have drives connected to it? How often do you want to backup? what will be the backup size?? will it be db backup? it database, will it be hot or cold backups?

Remember, if you going to connect DLT to few boxes and take backups of other systems on these DLT drives, the backup will be across your local LAN. So, you would need to plan it during off-hours when users are not there.

Take it easy.
S.K. Chan
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Re: Omniback my backup solution?

We use CommVault due to large scale backup requirement, offsite remote backup, etc.

For your scenario I think Omniback should suffice.
Alan Riggs
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Re: Omniback my backup solution?

Omniback is a fine solution for a dedicated HP shop.

2 tape drives for 40 servers is pushing it, though, depending upon your backup window requirements. If you can stagger teh 40 servers through the wee (assuming you stick with the 1/wk strategy) you *might* be able to make it work.

I would strongly recommend, however, using a dail incremental/weekly full backup strategy. If some of your servers are small, you could use the internal DAT drives for backups. Otherwise, I would seriously consider looking at additional DLT drives or perhaps even a tape silo.
Bernie Vande Griend
Respected Contributor

Re: Omniback my backup solution?

I can't speak of Omniback as I've never used it, but it definitely appears to be an option for you.
Other options:
Veritas Netbackup
SyncSort's Backup Express

If you have a lot of data to backup I would consider looking into a backup network. It could be as simple as a hub with a separate NIC for those servers using it. Also, once a week would seem to be not frequent enough depending on your data. You may consider doing Incremental backups instead of full during the week. At least then you'd get the files that are changing daily.
As far as picking a solution: first make a list of your requirements and the price you're willing to pay: (backup for which OSs or HP only, database backups, incrementals/fulls, etc)
I've used BackupExpress, Legato and Networker, each works well with HP, but no one is perfect.
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A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Omniback my backup solution?

Hi Richard:

I have used OmniBack II and Netbackup for many years. The products are comparable and I would say the decision comes down to this: For a given performance level and especially with the number of clients you have, OB2 will be much cheaper. Rather than paying for each client, OB2's pricing policy is determined by the number of tape drives spinning at one time. Netbackup will probably be slightly faster but OB2's pre-exec and post-exec's are typically a little more flexible/powerful. When you throw the price issue into the equation, OB2 wins hands down. The good news is that you can backup various flavors of UNIX, NT, W2K, and Netware at the same time and to the same tape drives. With fourty clients, the smart way to do this is to purchase a DLT or AIT library. That way all of your backups can be completely unattended and restores are simply point-and-click. I would not try to do this with fbackup; it just gets too messy and that will only do HP. One neat trick is to have your library tape drives cabled so that you have direct connections to the boxes with the most data. Different drives within the same library can be connected to different hosts and the robotics can be controlled by still another host if you like.
If you know what you are doing, you can actually cable each drive so that it is connected to two hosts. This way, you can backup using the host which stores most of the data but create your copies for offsite storage
using another machine.

Regards, Clay
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
Darrell Allen
Honored Contributor

Re: Omniback my backup solution?

Hi Richard,

Omniback does a good job for HPUX servers. It also has support for Windows machines though I believe you'll get differing opinions as to how well it works with Windows. I've only used it with HPUX.

Veritas Netbackup has clients for HP, Solaris, and AIX. It's a good product.

SCH Reel Backup is an option. It supports HP, Solaris, and AIX. I believe possibly Windows clients also.

I suggest DLT drives. They are faster, more dependable, tapes have greater capacity, and tapes can be used reliably many more times that DDS. With any of the above 3 products you can backup multiple filesystems and / or servers to the same tape or multiple tapes at the same time. The idea is to keep data streaming to the DLT drives for the best performance. If you have to backup much data you may want to consider a tape library.

You will want to have tape drives attached to servers with the greatest backup needs. It is much faster to backup to a local drive than to a network drive. At my last job, if more than 20GB was to be backed up, a local drive was required.

You need Ignite backups no matter what. DDS drives work fine for that but you may even want an Ignite server for make_net_recovery of the systems.

I'd recommend daily incremental backups with perhaps weekly or bi-weekly full backups.

Things to consider:
How much data is there to back up on each server?
How much does the data change?
Do you have plenty of network bandwidth?
Is there a quiet time when network backups won't create havoc for the users?

Lots to think about, eh?

"What, Me Worry?" - Alfred E. Neuman (Mad Magazine)
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Omniback my backup solution?

What type of tape units / drives do you have on the N boxes? With 40 clients, though, I would recommend that you get some sort of autoloader, as others have said. DLT or AIT or something like that would be best.

I would also make sure that you schedule everything appropriately. I would not try to do 40 clients all in the same night. Remember that your backup traffic will in all likelihood be going over the Netowrk.

If you just want to do 1 weekly backup per machine to one centralized backup server, look at scheduling 5-6 machines to backup each night. That way you should have a shorter backup window each night.

As far as the software goes, we have used Legato Networker here for a number of years. It works. The pricing structure is such that you buy the server license, and with that you get up to 10 clients. You have to add on the Autoloader license and any clients that go above 10. I don't know what the pricing would be for 30 additional clients.

Check out for more info.
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Omniback my backup solution?

Hi Richard,

I've used OBII since version 2.10 and I am quite pleased with it's enhancements up to now.
I think you should be looking at more frequent
backups than once a week, daily would be far
more preferable. make_recovery tapes should be
done at least weekly. Suggest you look at a tape library unit for the backup of 40 servers. OBII has a variety of clients for other Unix servers as well as NT. We are in the midst of deploying NT clients and are happy with the progress thus far. Although we have had many problems with our tape library unit, it is now stabilised to the extent that it is almost trustworthy!

My 2 cents worth.

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Sridhar Bhaskarla
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Re: Omniback my backup solution?


I did use Omniback ,Legato and Netbackup. Amongst these three I give first place to Omniback. Moreover for HP only systems it's superb.

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