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Oracle 10G RAC - backup and restore

Yossi Shteinagrt
Occasional Contributor

Oracle 10G RAC - backup and restore


We have an Oracle database.
The current, non compressed backup file is 600GB (compressed will reach ~60GB for a full backup).
The oracle database files are hosted on a RAID10 (14 drives) MSA2300G2-FC storage.

We need a backup disk based (preferably iSCSI) that will be able to restore 1TB of data (in non compressed version backup) in 4 hours.

I was thinking of the D2D2500i.
Will it be able to support 72MB/sec sequential throughput?


Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 10G RAC - backup and restore


in this case i would recomend you to call to HP , and ask the if its possible to borrow some demo HW, them you could test it and you will know if the transfer speed is possible, in your solution.

Dave Dewar
Trusted Contributor

Re: Oracle 10G RAC - backup and restore


As the previous person suggested some demo hardware might be helpful to you.

A couple of things to bear in mind for performance on D2D:
1. Performance scales with the number of parallel backup jobs/streams. A 250X will not hit maximum performance with single stream to 1 virtual tape drive or NAS share - you would need about 4 parallel backup streams to acheive max performance. This is true for both writes and reads.
2. Do you intend to backup the compressed or uncompressed version? The compressed version will not give a good dedupe ratio and will likely perform a bit slower MB for MB although since it is 10 times smaller it will obviously finish much quicker.
3. Is your database on a single mount point? If not, then watch out for multiplexing across mount points when you generate the backup files with something like RMAN, this has the effect of mixing up the data stream compared to the last backup and dedupe ratio can suffer.RMAN can be configured to not do this and be consistent in building up a backup file across multiple mount points.

There are some best practices at the following link that should give you some pointers to optimise setup for best performance.
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 10G RAC - backup and restore

Or BUILD yourself one with OpenFIler Linux as your NAS/iSCSI head.

How id it go though? Did you eventually get a D2D box?

I have a client that has one (a 4 drive version)... not kool with performance and the licenses.

Have since replaced with an OpenFiler Solution.

Hakuna Matata.