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Porting C - code from Alpha to Integrity server

Rajesh Karelia
Frequent Advisor

Porting C - code from Alpha to Integrity server

The pro*C code is on Alpha which is replaced by Integrity servers. Also the Unix database server running oracle 8i will be replaced with Itanium servers running HP-UX and Oracle 10g.

What i understand from this is that while planning for migration there are 2 things that i should keep in mind, please correct me if i am wrong:

1) Since the processor is undergoing change from Alpha to Integrity (64-bit) this may require some change.
2) Because we are migrating from 8i to 10g , the pro*C code may require some change.

Also it would be a great help if you can suggest me some documents/links where i can find
a) Pro C guide for changes (i m not able to find any doc which list changes for 10g release)
b) Some sort of guide for migration of c- code from alpha to integrity.

I am very new to this so detail explanation will be of great help.

Thanks in advance
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Porting C - code from Alpha to Integrity server

This is a duplicate of your earlier posting:

It really serves no purpose to continue to post the same question over and over. If you simply want to keep your question near the top of the list, you can simply reply to it and it will magically float back to the top!!