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Predictive Support Implementation Questions

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Laurie A. Krumrey
Regular Advisor

Predictive Support Implementation Questions

Hi All,

I'm told I need to install Predictive Support
on all my unix servers. Can anyone tell me
about this? How to install? Pro's and Con's.

I know it "phones home" daily to report anomolies on the system, like hardware items.
Any thoughts on how to configure it or

I am assuming it is a product that I pull
off the CD Application S/W Dec. 2000.

Thank You for your help...I feel very supported
by this forum.

Laurie Brown
Happiness is a choice
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Predictive Support Implementation Questions

Hi Laurie:

Predictive Support is a great insurance tool! Install it from the SupportPlus CD or download it from the ITRC. You can configure it to run nightly; verify your hardware "health"; send logs to HP; mail notices of problems to yourself; AND an engineer will call you if there are issues!

You use 'swinstall' to install Predictive from the depot /cdrom/DIAGNOSTICS/B.11.00 when you mount the SupportPlus cdrom at /cdrom.

Here is a link to the Predictive documentation:

Karen Elrod
Frequent Advisor

Re: Predictive Support Implementation Questions

Predictive is not on the apps cd, I think it is the core os / support cd. It is called Diagnostics. Use swinstall to install. Then psconfig command to contigure the software. After the initial install we usually have HP hardware come on site to configure the predictive information. They can set it up for either dial out or email out.
Each night our systems dial out to HP. HP reviews the log, if problems they call us. We are able to review the logs too, often finding problems quicker than HP.
Good Luck,
Ajitkumar Rane
Trusted Contributor

Re: Predictive Support Implementation Questions

The product comes as part of Diagnostics. You need the Diagnostic CD for installing the predective software.
Also you need to have support contract from HP for the same.
Once you have setup the H/W for modem you will need to call HP response to get their email address and the phone no to dial out, depends on your area code.
I hope the Online Document link already mailed in the previous response should be very helpful.

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Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: Predictive Support Implementation Questions

Check your support contract with HP! at my site the HP CEs come and install and configure predictive for me (there's generally a lot of fiddling around with modems & it's only interesting the once!)