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Questions Regarding Upgrading To New Apache Version

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Rob Sandifer58
Frequent Advisor

Questions Regarding Upgrading To New Apache Version

In September 2010, HP released the following bulletin:


Subject: End of Support Life for “Apache version 2.0 along with WSS version 2.x” on

11iv2 and 11iv3.




I have some questions about this migration:


(1)  Does anyone know where I can obtain more information about this?  Release notes,  readme first docs,

technical contacts, etc


(2)  We have unix servers that are running the old legacy Apache web server which need the upgrade.

I do not yet know how this is supposed to work.   Specifically,  will upgrading from legacy to the new version

"pull over"  the legacy configuration files, binaries, etc,  or is the "upgrade" a completely brand new install which will blow away the existing legacy version? 


(3)  How will I test (post-installation) the new upgrade to make sure everything actually works like it is supposed to work?  I know this testing will involve verifying to make sure that the web content is still accessible,  but are there any other tests which should be ran?


(4)  What about any new configurations fies,   new features,  updated features, etc?   Also,  will the new version cofiguration files overwrite the legacy configuration files,  requiring me to re-examine the configuration files?


Any and all constructive comments will be appreciated.




Rob Sandifer

Rob Sandifer
Occasional Advisor

Re: Questions Regarding Upgrading To New Apache Version

Probably the best place to find this information would be For example,


I could be wrong, but it looks like the new apache product is installed into a different directory than the 2.0 apache. Eg, /opt/hpws22 versus /opt/hpws. In this case, you can expect the apache conf files for 2.2 to be available in /opt/hpws22/apache/conf versus /opt/hpws/apache/conf for the previous version of Apache. This is a good thing because you will be able to, after copying over the conf files and making any necessary configuration changes, run both versions on your servers at the same time. (And fortunately, it looks like the startup files also have different names.)


Of course, you'll want to use non default ports for your Apache 2.2 server, initially, so that you can compare the output of the two servers. Once you are confident that the new server is acting appropriately, you can shut down the old web server, change the ports on the new server to use the ports that the old server was using, and then restart the new web server. 


Make sense?



Rob Sandifer58
Frequent Advisor

Re: Questions Regarding Upgrading To New Apache Version

Yes, it makes perfect sense and thank you for your help!



Rob Sandifer