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We have RP7420 machine running HP-UX 11.11B with current Configuration.

1) nPar0 has one Cell(Cell 1) with 4 CPUs, 16GB Memory, 8 I/O slots, one core I/O module.
2) nPar1 has one Cell(Cell 0)splitting into 2 vPars, each with 2 CPUs, 4GB Memory and 4 I/O slots, one core I/O.

Modification required

1) Delete Both vPars(Vpar names=Vpar1 & Vpar2),(Each has 2 CPUs and 4GB of Memory) from nPar1.
2) Remove nPar1 and assign Cell 0 to nPar0.

after this action, nPar0 should looks like this:

1.Number of Cells = 2
Cell 0= 4 CPUs, 16GB Memory
Cell 1= 4 CPUs, 08GB Memory(Is it better or need to add 08GB memory?)
2.I/O Slots = 16
3.Core I/O = 1

Current Swap size is "16GB" we need to upgrade it to 64GB as we will add 64GB Memory next month. So defineing swap now.
Please see the following task which would be performed during this activity, if any thing wrong please comment on it.

Cell0 has 2 V-pars --Named( Vpar1 & Vpar2)

1) Vpar1#vparmodify -p Vpar2 manual
2) Vpar1# shutdown -h
3) Vpar2#vparremove -p Vpar1
4) Vpar2>shutdown -h
5) Booting machine through HPUX(Vpar2) without vpmon
6) Vpar2>rm vpdb
7) Vpar2>parremove -F -p1
8) Vpar2>shutdown -R -H


1) Modify nPar 0 thorugh Partition manager software (Add Cell 0 into nPar0 )
2) Add new disk into VG00 and create Secondary swap of 64GB
3) Shutdown -R

If any thing wrong or missing please let me know.

Thanks and Regards
Asif Sharif
Honored Contributor

Re: RP7420

Seems OK,
If you want to remove both Vpars, then go to delete nPar only, both Vpars will automatically be deleted.

Asif Sharif