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Recommendations for Domain Controller

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Recommendations for Domain Controller

Need to buy a system whose sole function in life will be that of a Domain Controller (Server 2008 R2), perhaps serving up DHCP or DNS. I've always had outstanding longevity from the DL-380 series but cannot help but think that would be overkill for this application.


Any thoughts or recommendations? Will need two disks for RAID 1. While I'm tempted to go with a Hot Spare, again I feel that this would be a needless expenditure given the cost of the prerequisites to include a Hot Spare (I.e., four drives minimum). We're a small business with ~150 employees.




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Re: Recommendations for Domain Controller

Hi Sulizio,


Hope you are well...


I guess this is a bit late. Saw this post now and thought I'd respond.

While DL380 series servers are proven work-horses, if you are only going to use your server as DC and DHCP / DNS for 150 people, I am sure you can get a good deal for any of our 100-series servers. Did you check out our latest Gen8 portfolio? Or perhaps MicroServers?


However I primarily work in Technical Services and Solutions / Pre-Sales is not exactly my forte. Why don't you try the Server Buying Guide available here -


You should also get an option to chat live with a Sales Representative who will be more effective in sizing your business needs and suggesting the right server option for you.



- Soaham

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