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SAN X1000 vs P2000

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SAN X1000 vs P2000

I need a 2-3TB SAN solution. What are your experiences with the X1000 design with W2K8 storage server, versus non-storage server solutions. This would need to support a couple of Hyper-V guest, some file shares, etc. Pro's and Con's please.
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Re: SAN X1000 vs P2000

The P2000 comes in different flavors.... and is expandable (easily). They would also require various additional components to connect to your servers.

The X1000 can easily expand too by just adding additional storage shelves.

If you want to use with Hyper-V, the only option would be Windows File Sharing for storage connectivity. (Maybe iSCSI too depending on the software installed) Not sure how Hyper-V works and/or if it supports cifs for your datastores.

With the P2000, you can connect via iSCSI, SAS Direct or via Fibre Channel. Lots more options.

I am sure others will add to this as this is not a full list of differences/pros/cons.

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage and Clustering
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Re: SAN X1000 vs P2000

Thank you. For clarification, the connection would be iSCSI, two ethernet ports (MPIO I am told is best for the SAN???)
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Re: SAN X1000 vs P2000

MPIO is indeed very good to have.

The P2000 also has 10GbE iSCSI interfaces.