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Server Migration between DC

Trusted Contributor

Server Migration between DC

Need valuable approach from guru's.

We are planing to migrate all appliaction running on 2*rp7420 server connected with NAS FAS3140 Filer to a different DC.

our approach will be to get the data replicated with a swing storage and shift it to other DC due to WAN link bandwidth issue.

we are going to procure new 2* rp7440 box on target DC.

a step wise approch with any preplaning activity is what I 'm expecing from you guru's.

All good point will be honoured with appropriate points :)
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Re: Server Migration between DC

To add to the approach the swing hardware will also be netapp NAS filler.

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Re: Server Migration between DC

Adding more input to put it on the top.

The nodes are in MCSG cluster and shared volumes are NFS mounted file system from NAS and file systems are active in both the nodes.