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Storage Metrics categories-where to find examples to emulate

Ray Ball
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Storage Metrics categories-where to find examples to emulate

I'm searching for examples of typical storage metrics that companies use for both the 'technical' purpose of effectively managing their storage infrastructure (e.g., number of gigabytes of raw, usable, in-use, and free capacity) and the 'business' purpose of justifying IT's considerable expenditures on the company's storage infrastructure (e.g., cost/GB). Two distinctly different sets of metrics are required in order to meet both needs; one cannot be substituted for the other. Unfortunately, I have yet to locate a decent template that would serve to heighten my awareness of which metrics I ought to capture and how best to produce and present them as meaningful information to both audiences. Does anyone know of a good source of information regarding storage metrics?

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Re: Storage Metrics categories-where to find examples to emulate

Good Day,

I have typically created a spreadsheet, using storage metrics that I manually captured, as a baseline.


Using past storage requests, you can possibly forecast future storage needs.


You can then use your forecasting document, to help justify the acquisition of new storage arrays.


Just be sure to add auto calculations in your spreadsheet, for easier updates.


I would start by capturing existing storage (capacity) available, on each array, total storage requested, total storage presented, storage reclaimed.


Hope this helps.