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UPS single or 3-phase power?

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UPS single or 3-phase power?

We're getting a powertrust ups soon and the electrician was quite surprised that the HP docs don't stat whether single, split, or 3 phase input power is required. Does anyone know?

the ups model: A6585A, 8kW/12kVA 230V


Chuck Davis
US Army
harry d brown jr
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Re: UPS single or 3-phase power?

print this out:

live free or die
Live Free or Die

Re: UPS single or 3-phase power?

Been there, done that. The document does not state the input power requirements. If it is stated, it is certainly not anywhere obvious (like in the installation chapter). Neither the user guide not the data sheet have the necessary info (

A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: UPS single or 3-phase power?

I know these are 1PH unit but if you examine Figure 17 of the User's Guide you will see that these are 1PH connections only.
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Re: UPS single or 3-phase power?

Thank you both. I see the picture, however since I am not an electrician, that image does not give me the info necessary to be able to answer the question posed to me "is it single or 3 phase?". I will trust that it implies single phase. It would be helpful if HP could include a line on the product datasheet so one can plan out the environment w/o having to decipher from images.

Thanks again...

Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: UPS single or 3-phase power?

Hi Chuck.
This requires a single phase connector.
The only machine i know with the three phase connector is the Superdome.
And be careful, if you attach this to a circuit with backup diesel generators.
During the startup phase of the generators you may find some weird messages about power loss on your console.

Alexander M. Ermes

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