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Unified Management Solution for HP products

Occasional Contributor

Unified Management Solution for HP products

Hi there,


We are planning to buy HP Gen8 servers including blades and DL series servers. We already have DL G4, G5 and G7 servers along with BL20p blades and P2000 storage. All our PCs are HP business PCs and printers include HP, Lexmark and Xerox. Another HP device we use is the digital sender. All systems run on windows OS


With the purchase of new systems we also would like to bring all devices (both new and existing) under one management platform. The following features are what we looking for:


  1. Centralized, proactive monitoring and reporting on the health of hardware across the devices

e.g., Printers should alert when toner is low or fuser assembly needs to be changes

Servers and Storage should alert about temperature, imminent hard disk failures, etc…

  1. Centralized software deployments and their updates (BIOS, Drivers, etc… exclusive of OS and Applications) and management
  2. Remote management of possible devices
  3. iLO or any other authentication required shall use Active Directory (Windows 2008 R2 native)
  4. Detailed reporting, if not, possibility to customize existing reports (e.g. access to database schema)
  5. Integration with existing Active Directory, Exchange and SQL for authentication, messaging and data storage


Do you think HP SIM is a viable option? Or HP management agents on SCOM will provide more bang for buck?


Please share your inputs. Thanking you.