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Upgrade Planning

Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Upgrade Planning

I'm in the process of upgrading my production server from its' current HP-UX 11.0/N4000 configuration to a HP-UX 11i/rp7410 config.

As part of this process, I would like to end up on the latest version of OmniBack/DataProtector. Currently we're running OBII 4.0 on our production server. Just migrating the current version to a new server can be somewhat taxing (with the licensing issues and all), switching servers *AND* upgrading sounds downright daunting.

I suppose I could upgrade OBII to DP on our current system, then just migrate the licenses to the new box. I could also migrate to the new box as is and upgrade to DP later. Or I could migrate and upgrade all at once.

I would be interested to hear your recommendations and the reasoning behind them.


A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Upgrade Planning

If this were me, I would do a swlist and make sure that all of your OB2 4.0 patches are listed. I would then do a fresh install on the new box of OB2 4.0 followed by the immediate installation of the patches. You now have a box that will run your against your original OB2 database without problems.
At this point, shutdown OB2 on both boxes, and do an fbackup/frecover to move the OB2 database and everything in /etc/opt/omni as well. Make sure that you get your .omnirc file too and your license file. Now, if your swap the IP addresses and hostnames so that your new box becomes the old box, OB2 will start and the clients will never be the wiser. You are fully migrated to the new box at 4.0. The only things that will probably need to be changed are the device nodes. I rather doubt what was /dev/rmt/1mnb will still be /dev/rmt/1mnb. Make that change and you should be good to go. You can then decide when your want to migrate to DP5.1 but that's a straightforward task.

The nice thing about this plan is that other than puttin the IP address back, it's now trivially easy to get the old box running in case something goes wrong.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Upgrade Planning

I tend to favor a different, though harder approach.

Install DP 5.1 on the target system, do all required patchs and then migrate the license files.


The Omniback II patches effect the system and other parts of the system as well. There are boots, kernel modifications and complications. I would not want those patches on my nice new clean system.

We are currently not using DP 5.1, but bought the license, so I'm experimenting with it on my sandbox.

Compared to the old Omniback II v 3 days which drove me and my predecessor batty, getting the system licensed and working was not as bad.

When possible, I always lean toward a clean install of the current version versuse old version patch upgrade.

This in spite of the prior post by the more knoweledgeable and experienced colleague.

Opinion and Reasoning.

Good Luck Pete. I am sure you won't need it.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade Planning

Didn't upgrade app...but moved to new server...11.0 to 11.i...

We did something similiar with Netbackup - built a new server with a temp hostname/ip...restored the netbackup config to it....took it off the network - reconfigured hostname/ip - shutdown old server, move SCSI cables, reboot new server....

I would update OB first on old server - don't do 2 changes at once!

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Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Upgrade Planning


Your reasoning is flawless, of course. The only little problem I have with your approach is that I really did want to change the hostname.


I'm not really sure what you're saying, but you're right - it's different.


Might or might not pertain, I really can't tell.

Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade Planning

Hi Pete,

As usual Clay brings lots of common sense.

To add:
OB4.0 is not supported anymore.
Upgrading to 5.1 DP is very straightforward, and given you take the right precautions takes less than one hour to actually do. (We did it three weeks ago) The testing of your existing database should be done on another system, just to make sure backups work. There are some precautions to make sure of if you use on-line extensions, especially informix. (I can email these to you if you want.) Make sure you don't get burnt moving to a a different tier level. I am sure N4000 and rp7410 are on the same tier, but check. Changing of the host names is pretty straightforward as well. There are only a few commands that you need to run, and installing a new license. (you can get this before you start). The only thing that needs changing on the client is the /etc/opt/omni/cell/cell_server file contents pointing to the new cell manager. If you only have a few clients easy, if you have shitloads like us, takes a bit longer. YOU WILL NEED TO UPGRADE from version 4 to 5.1. The manuals actually tell you this. You will have to have a clone of you existing OB 4.0 and patches, then upgrade to 5.1 and patch it. As I mentioned, if you have all of the prep work done, the actual upgrade and install of DP 5.1 and patches is not too bad.

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A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Upgrade Planning

On the contrary OB2 4.0 is still fully supported; in fact, even 3.50 is fully supported until Aug. '04. I'm still running 3.50 because I so dislike the new, improved GUI although I have done a test upgrade from 3.50 directly to 5.1; it worked flawlessly.

Pete, if you are willing to keep the same hostname, it lessens the overall amount of work. If you will keep the same address, no new license is required. Changing hostnames means you will have to export/import all your clients although that's no big deal.

I like my method mainly in that it allows you a very easy way back. After you have migrated to the new box. Shutdown and take a conventional backup of OB2 before upgrading to 5.1; again, you will then have a trivially easy way back although I don't expect you to have any problems with the 4.0 to 5.1 upgrade.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.