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Upgrade of HP9000/778 to HP-UX 11.0

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Carsten Drzensky
Occasional Contributor

Upgrade of HP9000/778 to HP-UX 11.0


We have a HP9000/778 B180L Visualize workstation which currently is running on HP-UX 10.20.
As all our applications were migrated to HP-UX 11.0 we would also like to upgrade this machine. My question is, IF this was possible (as it does not have any CDROM drive) and if there was any documentation how to do this (mount remote disk/CDROM?).

We would prefer having a clean new installation instead of upgrading from 10.20 to 11.0 - if it was possible.

Any help is highly appreciated!


Peter Fuchs
Sachin Patel
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade of HP9000/778 to HP-UX 11.0

Hi Peter,
Do you have external scsi CDROM?
If yes. connect that with your scsi port. while your system is running type
ioscan -fnCdisk if you see the CDROM you are good to go.
reboot the system. I will guess that you know how to go to manual boot.
type search on command menu. boot using your CD.
bo p? or bo scsi.x.x.x (address of your cdrom)
This will let you start.
things to keep in mind.
1. do you have external disk? (if yes, you have to use vgexport and vgimport)
2. do you have special kernal parameter set? (go to sam and dump all kernal parameter on file and save it for reference)
3. note your network information. (ip, name, subnet, getway etc..)
4. do not setup nis or dns at installation. you can do that later. Just setup name and ip.
5. after installation you can use set_parms command to set other things.

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Vincenzo Restuccia
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade of HP9000/778 to HP-UX 11.0

Scott Riley
Valued Contributor

Re: Upgrade of HP9000/778 to HP-UX 11.0


You could install 11.0 over the network using Ignite-UX. Setup an Ignite server on another HP-UX box, then either push the reinstall, or reboot the workstation, halt the boot process and tell it to boot from the LAN.

- Scott
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Upgrade of HP9000/778 to HP-UX 11.0


I will list down the options available here.


Connect an external CDROM drive and boot thru the 11.0 CD and do the installation.


Setup a Ignite Unix server in the same subnet and boot ur client from that and do the installation.

If U want more information about Ignite Unix, I can give U, U please respond for this.

If U want to upgrade from 10.2 to 11.0, U can mount CD remotely and do it.

Carsten Drzensky
Occasional Contributor

Re: Upgrade of HP9000/778 to HP-UX 11.0

Thanks to all for Your help.

I was not aware of Ignite and this really seems to be a great tool from HP. The installation ran very smoothly and we now have a new HP-UX 11.0 workstation to work with.

Thanks again!


Peter Fuchs