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Version Control Planning

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Version Control Planning

Hi everyday,

I would like to work on the Version Control Planning in the HP-UX 10.20 shown as the following:

1. Product Database (Including Data Dictionary, Program Objects). We backup everyday.

2. Source Codes & Object Codes in other directories. (We never backup them before, and we want to do soon.)

3. System Backup (OS, Parameter Files, Other critical files including /etc/hosts, /etc/fstab, /etc/passwd, etc.) We never backup the system before, and we want to do soon.

Could anyone give me some strategies or steps how I can work on the planning?
Thank you very much!

Best Regards
Michael Tully
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Re: Version Control Planning

Hi ajk,

I am not sure what you are planning to do
with version control, but we simply use
RCS to do this. It is very easy to use

# man rcs

and follow the instructions.


Firstly I would strongly suggest you install
the Ignite-UX product from your Application
CD set. this will enable you to backup your
vg00 volume group into a bootable format on
tape. You can use this for disaster recovery
and for everyday recovery of system files.

You don't say how you currently backup your

Once this is installed (Ignite) you simply type in
from the command line

# /opt/ignite/bin/make_recovery -ACvd /dev/rmt/0mn

To recover say root's crontab file,
from this backup follow this:

# mt -t /dev/rmt/0m rew
# mt -t /dev/rmt/0mn fsf 1
# tar xvf /dev/rmt/0m var/spool/cron/crontabs/root

For other types of backups you could use fbackup or if
another HP product which is aimed directly at backups
and that is omniback.

At least this is something to start with.

Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Patrick Wallek
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Re: Version Control Planning

You back up your database files, but NOT anything else? Oh boy.....You're running on borrowed time.

At a minimum I would do the following:

1) For the OS backup (vg00) - download Ignite/UX ( ) and look at the make_tape_recovery command. You DO have a tape drive on this machine don't you? The make_tape_recovery will back up your entire vg00 to a bootable tape allowing you to boot from the tape and recover the system quickly should anything every go wrong. I personally run a make_tape_recovery on all my HP systems weekly.

2) At a minimum use fbackup, it comes with HP-UX, and backup your system with this tool at least once a week. If you have a small system and lots of changes to the DB, do a full backup daily. If your application (db, source code, object code) is in a VG all of its own with very distinct mount points, you could just back up the specific mount points since you will hopefully be doing a make_tape_recovery of the OS on a regular basis.

You didn't mention how you back up your database. Do you bring it down and do a tar backup to tape? Your best bet, if you can, would be to do the above fbackup scenario, but bring you database down before you do it so that you have a good consistent database backup.

Hopefully all this helps you!
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Re: Version Control Planning

Thanks your guys! Your information is helpful. Thanks a lot!

The "Version Control Planning" that backup the up-to-date database and newest version of our application programs and OS as well. Also, we do backup the database every night even weekend. Yes, we use tar backup to tape drive.