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attached hardware info

Clarence J
Frequent Advisor

attached hardware info

Hi Everyone,

I want to know without having a visual look at the physical server:

1) How do I know if a disk attached is an internal disk?

2) how do I know if a UPS is attached to the server?

can ioscan help in anyway?

Thks for any replies.
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Re: attached hardware info

yes , ioscan -fn can help provide information about inter disk , if will follow bus entry.
like this :
ext_bus 1 0/0/2/0 c720 CLAIMED INTERFACE SCSI C
875 Ultra Wide Single-Ended
target 2 0/0/2/0.6 tgt CLAIMED DEVICE
disk 0 0/0/2/0.6.0 sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE SEAGAT
E ST336704LC
/dev/dsk/c1t6d0 /dev/rdsk/c1t6d0
but you will not see UPS , cause UPS will connect to serial , or UPS port like you cannot see what printer connect to your serial port.
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Clarence J
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Re: attached hardware info

but how wld u know if it is internal?
Santosh Nair_1
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Re: attached hardware info

I believe the best you can do is determine whether the disks are connected to the core I/O host adapter (scsi card) or an adapter on one of the PCI slots. I don't believe that there is any way to differentiate whether the disk devices are internal to the machine or connect to the core I/O adapater.

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Re: attached hardware info

Hi Clarence,

It is difficult to find out from the ioscan output whether the disk is internal or external. It is generally assumed that the disks on the Core IO board are intrernal disk. So if you know the hardware path of the Core IO board on your server, you can say the disks connected to that path are internal. But this is not a 100% case when you may have some disks connected to the external channel of the controller. Most of the time, the 1st internal disk is at add 6, second at add 5, The controller at add 7.

There are no assurances over here as far as finding the disk (internal or external) locations are concerned. That is how the SCSI addressing works.

Hope this helps.

Michael Tully
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Re: attached hardware info


On an 'N' class for example the internal
hardware are on 0/0 For the others have a
look at this posting. Using 'ioscan' will
definitely help you.

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Sukant Naik
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Re: attached hardware info

Hi Clarence,

This is the same query which I had posted earlier.

There is a utility called 'stm' which will allow you to view the details of the disks connected to the server.

But there is no way we can straight away a readymade answer for whether the disks are internal or externally connected.

Hope so the command 'stm' helps you.

- Sukant
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