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bdf size change in 11i v2 & v3

Occasional Contributor

bdf size change in 11i v2 & v3

I have a query,
After installing fresh OS 11.31 and importing DGS of old OS (11.23) what would be the increase in size different in bdf output of data file system?
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: bdf size change in 11i v2 & v3

Not possible to determine because there are several operating environments (OE):

-- Base OE
-- Virtual Server OE
-- High Availability OE
-- Data Center OE

You did not indicate what hardware you have (Itanium or PARISC -- hint: model command).

You may also have several additional products stored on your 11.23 system plus all the old patches in /var/adm/sw which are required to remove a new patch. There are a number of additional features on 11.31 that will require additional space.

So start with a minimum root volume size of 36GB (plus another 36GB disk for mirroring which is mandatory for production). Then using the bdf output, add 20% more space to any filesystem that is less than 50% utilized. For usage between 50% and 75%, increase the new size by 50%, and for 75% and larger, double the new size.

If you have only purchased the Base OE, then purchase Online JFS and Mirror/UX as these are also minimum requirements to run a production system. These products are included in the other environments. Here are the environments:

If you are installing 11.31 on a machine that did not come pre-installed with 11.31, be sure to go through the checklists:

-- Will your system run 11.31?

-- Is the firmware up to date for 11.31?

You'll need a minimum of 1.5 GB of RAM to run 11.31, double or triple that amount for databases such as Sybase, Informix or Oracle.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin