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comparison between HP & DELL

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comparison between HP & DELL

I am proposing an HP Solution (servers farm - SAN - Storage) to a customer instead of their DELL based Data Centre design. The customer is now asking me to tell him the reasons why he has to choose HP instead of DELL.

Please Advice

Richard Eklund
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Re: comparison between HP & DELL

For starters, after the Compaq deal, HP acquired the DEC server patents along with the tech Compaq developed. Those with the developments made by HP seem better than the Dell standards.
As far as the EU units, most (if not all) commercial grade HP units are bullet proof. Research the issues with the Dell Optiplex units and make your own conclusions.
As a tech certified by both Dell and HP and providing tech support on both, neither seemed to have a real edge but the HP system boards seemed to be more dependable.
Perhaps you can find some independent stats of MTBF on units. If I were an IT manager looking at a major investment I would not "Ask the Barber if I needed a hair cut."

Good luck!
"Everytime you do a good deed, you kick the devil in the butt." Tim Allen
Steven Clementi
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Re: comparison between HP & DELL

HP, overall, has a more sturdy and efficent design and construction when it comes to their Server and Storage based hardware.

I did a comparison several years ago with an IBM xSeries 330, a Dell PowerEdge 1750 and a HP Proliant Dl360 G2.

The short story was... the Proliant was built with much more quality than the other 2 servers. All three servers had similar otpions... redundancy, raid, memory, cpu, etc... but I have seen the weirdest things done my both Dell and IBM... for instance...

Redundant power supplies come with 1 power cord with a "Y" split at one end to plug in 2 power supplies. (I've seen this on IBM servers as well where the power cord was split 3 ways for 3 power supplies). Pretty redundant eh? (Not all models and/or configurations, but I HAVE seen this)

HP generally has built-in suport for various functionality... with extra add-on's to increase the performance and/or redundancy of that option. The others simply just give you the option to put the functionality in when you purchase the server, or afterwards.

Now, this may have changed some... but I have been working with Compaq/HP Proliant servers since 1997... and IBM Servers since 2000 and Dell Servers since 2004. Overall, I think the quality of the HP servers as well as the quality of the service and support for these boxes is superior over the others.

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage and Clustering
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