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creating alternate boot disk - no mirrordisk

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creating alternate boot disk - no mirrordisk

Using FOE HPUX 11.31 with no internal disks - using SAN only.
Since I dont have Mirrordisk/UX i want to have an alternate boot disk. At the moment I have a make_net_recovery image and installation dvd to recover with but I'd prefer to have a disk to boot from.

Whats the best way to proceed?

Heres what i was thinking:
1)Copy to rood disk.

How do I dd the root disk which is sliced: s1,s2,s3
dd if=/dev/rdsk/c8t0d1s?? bs=256k of=/dev/rdsk/c10t0d2s??

2) vgexport and vgimport the vg00 in order to update the device files.

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Re: creating alternate boot disk - no mirrordisk

Maybe this is the right solution for you (even it is not intented to replace mirroring):

Depending on your type of storage you may consider to use a "array to array" copy of the data (there are to many different names for this functionality - for example Continuous Access) together with your ignite backup.

Hope this helps!

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Re: creating alternate boot disk - no mirrordisk

Great, looks like a good tool.
I'll check it out.
thanks Torsten