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runQueue about 10 process

Simone Teles da Hora_5
Occasional Advisor

runQueue about 10 process


I have a performance problem in my server. I am seeing a raise of the runqueue.

What the consequences this situation? I need understand what happening when i have a large runqueue.

Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: runQueue about 10 process

When you have processes in the runqueue, those processes are waiting for the cpu to free up so they can run. The more processes in the run queue, the worse your performance is going to be. With just a few processes, there is probably no reason to be concerned but once you get up into double digits (like 10!), you need to take a look at your situation. Tuning to alleviate a processor shortage is very difficult - likely the only solution is to upgrade to more/faster processes.


Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: runQueue about 10 process

The runqueue is not always a good metric to use in evaluating performance. A 2 processor system might have a runqueue of 40 and work just fine as long as most of those 40 processes are short-lived. An example would by dozens of processes that are polling every second. The effect of other applications may or may not be significant. However, since you are seeing performance issues, you'll have to characterize the overall system. It may be normal, especially if you are running threaded processes and the number of instances (users and applications) have increased recently.

Start by getting a copy of Glance. The classic Unix utilities require a lot of work to interpret the results. You may have several processes that are looping due to I/O problems (especially networking). Another possibility is that someone removed the last trap statement in /etc/profile and now several old shell logins are hanging around because traps such as SIGHUP have beend turned off.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin