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standby roster

Animesh Chakraborty
Honored Contributor

standby roster

All ideas are welcome how do you make the standby roster in 7 x 24 support environment in a team.

This week I am standby :(

Did you take a backup?
Paula J Frazer-Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: standby roster


I depends on skill sets but we do a Tuesday to Tuesday one week at a time.

This also may be of interest.,,0x8528cb60e503d6118ff40090279cd0f9,00.html

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Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: standby roster

Hi Animesh,

Ours is fairly simple. There are three
of us that are on our roster. We change
over every Wednesday. The person on-call
hours are 10-6. We have a separate DBA
team, also for on call. The reason for
the late start/late finish is so that
if the on-call person gets called, he
can look after everything until someone
is in the office, normally 8:30


:^(( (also on-call this week!)
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Darrell Allen
Honored Contributor

Re: standby roster

Hi Animesh,

Here are 3 things we tried at my last job (big site, many sys admins). We had so many issues we got creative with the scheduling (option 3).

1. 24x7 - one person covered the entire week (Mon 8am - Mon 8am). I think changing on a different day would be better because of the numerous Monday holidays.

2. 12x7 - two people with a 12 hour shift for the week.

3. 8x7 - three people with an 8 hour shift during the week. On the weekend, the 8-5 (day time) person dropped out and the other 2 took 12 hour shifts. The catch with this choice was that on Mon - Fri you were not simply on standby. Your work hours were changed to the shift you covered. Weekends were on standby.

I preferred option 2. We had many calls and issues in our environment. It was rather difficult working an issue most (or all) of the night and then be expected to work the day time issues as well.

If your environment is stable and the calls are few, I'd go with option 1.

Just my opinions.

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